Storytelling & Listening (with Ken the Fool)

“If we were able to unwind the sunset, would we be able to wind it up again?”      ~Ken Feit/Ken the Fool


I have been meeting with a group called LISTENING TOGETHER for about two years now. We gather at 7 pm on Monday evenings at Pathways Retreat, Goshen, IN.  All are welcome. It is an evolving group, and “seeking Wisdom” would be a good way to state our hopes, I believe.  We sit, we chant together, we practice centering prayer, and we explore where Wisdom leads. We began by studying the book “The Wisdom Jesus” by my teacher, Cynthia Bourgeault.

Now, in this Easter Season, the group is turning to sharing our SACRED STORIES.  And I realized this morning that I was returning to a practice I learned in a college class in 1974. The class was entitled STORYTELLING AND LISTENING.  Continue reading