Stagger Breathing

This Wisdom was found on FB….and reminded me of the wisdom of my choir director, Frank Kuykendall.


I ponder Sabbath.  For myself, I need a “breather” from the news.  When I remember to take 24 hours off of the news cycle, I can return with some perspective.  I have a wider gaze at the world. The wren re-appears, singing her heart out, on the puppy pen fence, and that other bird, so large, goes shooting up into the branches of the slowly dying elm.  What WAS that?

I ponder the fact that we have different Holy Days.  Perhaps Muslims can take their breather on Friday, Jews on Saturday, Christians on Sunday, and then the week of the work of love and resistance can resume.

Stagger breathing requires trust. You must have faith that the people around you will carry on the work without you. In turn, you have to complete the circle by stepping up when others need time off. You have to be aware of the people around you.  ~Marlene Metz Hartzler

In days like these, when I feel breathless, or kicked in the gut gasping, I also remember this song: “THIS IS THE AIR I BREATHE” BY MICHAEL W SMITH

Spirit — Ruah — Holy Breath —

I’m desperate for you!


for us, through us, despite us,

beyond us,

unconsciously committing us to live,

to Life.


“Pentecost” by Mark Wiggin