Revisiting…Why Wisdom?

The word WISDOM shimmers in my faith imagination.  Language for God, the Divine, Jesus, Christ, Spirit has lost much of its power for me due to (a) familiarity, having lived the Christian tradition for 69 years, and (b) abuse, having heard these words used in ways that are more harmful and hateful than healing.  So WISDOM, which is one of the threads of the Christian bilbical tradtition, sounds a fresh note and can resonate at many layers for me.

It was this intrigue with the word WISDOM that took me to a WISDOM SCHOOL with teacher Cynthia Bourgeault in November of 2015.  Continue reading


Talking to Think

We used to tell our creative and vocal daughter when she was a preschooler, “You can think without talking, you know!” Perhaps that was my way of asking for some quiet so that I could think and then perhaps talk.

Most of us, to really hear ourselves think and to sound out the meaning of our lives need both — thinking and talking.  But most of all we need listening.

As a sacramental conversation, spiritual direction includes talking, thinking and deep listening.  It is a stylized or ritualized conversation in that it has a distinct beginnning and end and a central focus.  For me that focus is best named as Wisdom.  While there are two chairs in the room – Director and Directee – a Third Partner, Wisdom, hosts the conversation.  Together as reflections arise we listen for the presence and activity of Wisdom, the Source of Life and Love in the directee’s life.


We listen for one thing – Wisdom.  That means we talk about all things.  For Wisdom insinuates itself into all of life. Our sacramental conversation becomes an outward sign of an inward grace: the evolving direction for living one’s life.  The Spiritual Director cannot “give” this direction.  Only the directee can sense when they hear Wisdom deep within, emerging in their own words, desires and intentions.

I am listening.  If you would like to glean along with me from the domain of spiritual direction, check in here.  If you are looking for a spiritual director, contact me.  I have space for listening as you Sound Out Wisdom.