Richard Rohr on Wisdom

I am so grateful that Richard Rohr, OFM, is always ahead of me in the wild-erness of Life in G-D.  From cassette tapes in the 80’s, to CD’s to youtube, he has had the generosity and passion for sowing the seeds of Wisdom far and wide.

A member of the Monday night group, Listening @ Pathways, sent a link to this teaching on contemplative prayer.  It is not “new.”  It is a classic example of Perenniel Wisdom.  How do we become transformed people in service of a transforming world?  Father Richard suggests that it is through suffering — and contemplative prayer — that we are transformed.


(go to minute 27)


Listening @ Pathways Retreat  is an open group.  We meet every Monday evening from 7 to 8:30 pm to chant, do centering prayer, and reflect on transformation in the life of faith in the Christian tradition.  Currently we are reflecting on the book DISCERNMENT: READING THE SIGNS OF DAILY LIFE by Henri Nouwen. Join us at 309 1/2 Hackett Road, Goshen, IN 46528.


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